Big Day of Giving, May 6th

BIG Day of Giving
May 5, 2015
24 Hours to Give Where Your Heart Is

$25,805 was raised for the Sacramento Zoo on the BIG Day of Giving
and $5,613,799 to the region for a historic day in philanthropy!

On May 5th, The Sacramento Zoo will join with 500 other local nonprofits on the BIG Day of Giving to raise a goal of $5 million in 24 hours and make the Sacramento region #1 and the most generous community in the country.  Beginning at midnight on May 5th, donations of $25 or more will be accepted with a goal to inspire and unite our community in supporting hundreds of local nonprofits.

Donate here on May 5th.

Your gift to the Sacramento Zoological Society helps the Zoo to continue in its mission to inspire appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, conservation and recreation. Every dollar you donate will help the Zoo to receive a boost from a pool of incentive funds provided by local partners. The more contributions to the Zoo, the more incentive dollars we will receive. This is a great opportunity to make your dollar stretch!

Meet our BIG Day of Giving Spokesbird, Julia!

Julia is a Thick-billed Parrot which is the only parrot native to the United States and an endangered species. You can find out more about Julia and how she is helping to save Thick-billed Parrots here. Did you know that over half of the 136 species housed at the Sacramento Zoo are endangered or threatened with endangerment? Last year, the Sacramento Zoo was able to give over $100,000 to local and global conservation programs to help these species because of the generosity and support of our donors and visitors.

Julia the Thick-billed Parrot

Don’t forget to donate to the Sacramento Zoo on May 5th to help Julia and all the other animals threatened with extinction.

Want to help right now?

#BigDoG2015 Blogs

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