Big Day of Giving, May 6th

BIG Day of Giving
May 6, 2014
24 Hours to Give Where Your Heart Is

THANK YOU! 187 supporter donated $26,332 to the Sacramento Zoo on the Big Day of Giving.
Overall, more than $3 million went to local nonprofits on this historic day in philanthropy. 

BIG Day of Giving is a local initiative to increase philanthropy in the Greater Sacramento region.
The BIG Day of Giving will take place during a 24-hour period on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. Beginning at midnight, donations of $25 or more will be accepted with a goal to inspire and unite our community in supporting hundreds of local nonprofits.

Your gift to the Sacramento Zoological Society helps the Zoo to continue in its mission to inspire appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, conservation and recreation.  Every donation will be matched on a prorated basis from a pool of matching funds; the more contributions to the zoo, the higher the matching gift. This will be a great opportunity to make your donation dollars stretch!

Here are just a few examples of how your gift can help the Sacramento Zoo:

  Your $25 donation will allow the Zoo to purchase:
     100 CD-R Discs for use in the Veterinary Hospital
     Blanket without filling for animals being treated in the Veterinary Hospital
     24” Box Fan
     Two 20” Flex Rakes
     Hedge Trimmers
     20 bottles of glue for camp craft projects
     Two stuffed animals for bobcat and fox enrichment
     Two bags of cat litter fox and bobcat litter boxes
     One 25 lb. bag of primate chow (the Zoo uses 163 bags per year)

  Your $50 donation will allow the Zoo to purchase:
     Surgical Instrument Kit
     Two jackets for Zoo Teen volunteers during the winter
     Five reptile heat lamp lightbulbs for basking
     Four bags of Critter Country for armadillo and tortoise enclosure (two month supply)
     Two cases of Romaine Lettuce (the Zoo uses 105 cases per year)

Your $100 donation will allow the Zoo to purchase:
     20” Boomer Ball
     Large Heavy-duty Bobbin Toy
     Small Animal Scale
     Steel Garden Cart

  Your $250 donation will allow the Zoo to purchase:
     Compost Tumbler
     New picnic table for summer camp lawn
     Two 40 lb. cases of meat for the large cats (the Zoo uses 14 cases per year)

  Your $500 donation will allow the Zoo to purchase:
     Portable shade structure for summer camp  classes

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Help make these moments possible.

Feeding a 15' tall giraffe for the first time!

Little boy feeding a giraffe

Little boy feeding a giraffe

Close encounter with a tortoise!

Kids with a tortoise

Seeing a Two-toed Sloth in real life!

Two-toed Sloth

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