Conservation Action
The Sacramento Zoo supports conservation projects locally and around the world.

Helping Native Wildlife

United States
Giant Garter Snake Recovery Program
International Bird Rescue
Lindsay Wildlife Museum
Marine Mammal Center Research Program
Riparian Brush Rabbit Recovery Program
United States Fish and Wildlife Service: Forensic Lab
University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Zoo Medicine Residency Research Project
Wildlife Care Association (Supported by Greater Sac AAZK)


North America
Thick-billed Parrot Project - Mexico

Central America
Zoo Conservation Outreach Group – Project Jaguar – Belize
OSA Wildlife Sanctuary (Fundacioń Santuario Silvestre de OSA) – Costa Rica

South America
Center for Ecosystem Survival – Pantanal National Park & Palau
Zoo Conservation Outreach Group – Chilean Flamingo Program – Chile

North Africa
Sahara Conservation Fund – Addax - Niger

Central Africa
Ape Action Africa (Supported by Greater Sac AAZK)– Chimpanzees - Cameroon
APE TAG Project – Chimpanzee - Uganda
Grevy’s Zebra Trust - Kenya
Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project (Supported by Zoo Teens)– Uganda & Rwanda 
Lewa (Supported by Greater Sac AAZK – Bowling for Rhinos)- Rhinos & Grevy’s Zebra - Kenya
Tana River Primate Conservation – Magabey & Colobus – Kenya

South Africa
The Mabula Ground Hornbill Research and Conservation Project – South Africa

Madagascar Fauna Group – Lemurs – Madagascar

International Snow Leopard Trust - Mongolia

Bird Conservation Nepal – Great Indian Hornbill - Nepal
Red Panda Network – Nepal (Supported by Sacramento Zoo & Greater Sac AAZK)

Society for Biodiversity Conservation – Pangolin Conservation – Singapore
Hornbill Nest Sponsorship - Thailand

Orangutan Outreach (Supported by Greater Sac AAZK) – Nyaru Menteng Orphanage - Indonesia

Center for Ecosystem Survival – Pantanal National Park & Palau

Koala Chlamydia Project – Melbourne University & Melbourne Zoo - Australia

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