Animals and Conservation

Zoo Animals
Within our 14.5 acres there are over 600 animals comprised of over 140 different species at the Zoo. We specialize in rare and endangered animals from Reptiles to Mammals, Birds to Amphibians and more. You can find: photos, animal facts sheets and details about all your favorite creatures at the Zoo.  

Conservation Action
Conservation means different things to different people. In your home it may mean energy efficient light bulbs, reusable canvas shopping bags, biking more, diving less or diligently recycling. In the Zoo, conservation means all that and more, including breeding endangered species as a guard against extinction, supporting the preservation of wildlife and wild areas, and inspiring others to be come responsible stewards of the earth. Find out how we conserve and how you can help!

Quarters for Conservation
Cast your vote as you enter the Zoo for one of three wildlife conservation projects. You, our members and visitors, are part of this exciting contribution to wildlife conservation.

Conservation Partners
There are many conservation programs at the Zoo, see how we partner with other organizations to make a larger impact on the world around us.

Green Team
The Sacramento Zoo Green Team members are hard to miss. With a love for organic, fair-trade chocolate, we are the ones digging in the trash cans to rescue the plastic bottle, aluminum can or copy paper. It’s an addiction and it’s spreading! As we try to lead by example, join us, and spread the “be green” bug with these green tips.

Amphibian Conservation: Frogs Matter -- Be Green!
This international awareness campaign addresses the critical amphibian extinction crisis and the conservation efforts of zoos around the world. FInd out more about why frogs matter and what you can do.

Recycle Your eWaste
The Sacramento Zoo has partnered with eWaste4Good. They will pick up your ewaste, properly dispose of it and donate a portion of the proceeds back to the Zoo!

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