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The Sacramento Zoo is always striving to improve and renovate. You can find out what we are up to and follow the current projects here.

Small Wonders of Africa
Opened in September 2014 and across the walkway from Tall Wonders, Small Wonders of Africa is home to East African species such as Wolf's Guenon, Aardvark, Straw-colored Fruit Bat, Red-billed Hornbill and more.

SPLASH! North American River Otter Habitat
One of the older exhibits at the Zoo, the otter pool and holding area were in need of a facelift. In September 2011, the newly renovated North American River Otter habitat opened with more usable space, more adequate off-exhibit dens and keeper area, and allow visitors a visually-pleasing glass viewing area to observe and enjoy the daily antics of the Zoo’s two otters.

River Otter River Otter Pair

Tall Wonders Giraffe Habitat Renovation & Expansion
Exactly one year from the February 2009 groundbreaking for Tall Wonders, the grand opening happened on President’s Day weekend 2010!

Come visit Val, Skye & Goody in their new home. For the very first time, visitors will be eye to eye with the stately residents on the 1,100 square foot raised deck. The elevated platform also provides a magnificent view into the neighboring zebra and ostrich area and allows for Giraffe Encounters.

The state-of-the-art block barn (yes, it’s heated!) provides warm nights for the three giraffes, while the expanded grounds allow for leisurely giraffe-size strolls during the day. With the finishing touches completed, we are grateful to our friends for your support and commitment to the project.

The Sacramento Zoological Society is 100% committed to providing the best possible care and facilities for the Zoo’s animals. With continued community support, we will improve and enrich the Zoo for future generations.

The giraffes were allowed access into the new yard on December 20, 2009. They were cautious but Val and Skye explored their new exhibit and even did some running and kicking. Goody decided to stay inside and check it out another day.

The Sacramento Zoo officially broke ground on the Tall Wonders project in February 2009.


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