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Earth Fest - It's a Party for the Planet!
Saturday, April 4, 2015
9 am to 4 pm

It’s a party for the planet! Learn how to protect and preserve the earth with environmental, wildlife and conservation organizations. During the day explore animal bio-artifacts; participate in storytelling and activities in the Discovery Room; come face-to-face with the outreach animals; or listen as keepers present enrichment talks in the afternoon. Don't forget to stop by the Recycle Rummage Sale inside the Kampala center for a great bargain.

Participants and Exhibitors

Gus the Green tree frog, Sacramento Zoo Mascot
...more coming soon!

All Day Activities

Recycle Rummage Sale in the Kampala Center
Interactive EdZOOcation Stations
Hands-on artifacts in the Discovery Room
Face painting 
Zoo crafts

Timed Activities 

Zoo P.I.'s Wildlife Show
   11:00 am on the amphitheater stage
Wildlife Stage Show
   1:30 pm on the amphitheater stage
Keeper Chats -- all talks at the exhibit   Sponsored by IKEA!
   10:00 am Reptile House, on the lawn
   10:30 am Flamingos
   2:15 pm Wolf's Guenons
   2:30 pm African Lions
   2:45 pm Giraffes

Thousands of people came out for Earth Fest! We had a great variety of vendors and organizations. Thanks everyone!

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