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Meet Gus the Green tree frog, spreading his message of being green. Like him!

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Hi everyone, I'm Gus. Welcome to my webpage!

I live at the Sacramento Zoo and am the ambassador for being green. You can learn more about me, and being green, right here! You can also come out and see me at some Zoo events (listed in the right column). Check out the videos at the bottom to see me meeting some new friends. I love coming out for events to see you all.

Enjoy! and remember to Be Green, like me!
   - Gus

My Bio

Gus the Green tree frog

Green tree frog

Born on February 29, 2004

Favorite Color

Favorite Food

Favorite Zoo Animal

Favorite Season
I really like spring! It's nice and cool at night, but bright and sunny during the day. I love to sit in the sun next to a pond and smell the fresh air. All plants are blooming, and you know what that means...lots of bugs! It's like a buffet out there!

I spend most of my time trying to teach kids how to be green. That includes recycling, picking up litter, keeping our waterways clean, water conservation and so much more. But in my free time, I love swimming, playing leap frog, writing for the Zoo Blog (I'm the blog frog), and meeting people at the Zoo.

My Videos

Dancing to some great music at Dreamnight.

Being green with Lisa at Wings of Spring


My Pictures

Hanging out with Brian at King of Feasts.
Gus with Brian at King of Feasts 2008

Posing with Cary & Mike at Members Evening.
Gus with Cary & Mike at the Members Evening

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