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Preparing for a FieldtripTeacher Workshops & Loan Kits

Preparing for a Fieldtrip
Make the most of your fieldtrip by preparing your students before your big day with these resources.

Resource Library and Zoo Animal fact Sheets
In the Education Office, we have a small library dedicated to information about animals, the environment and conservation. We also have fact sheets with information about everything from lifespan to conservation available for most of our Zoo animals. Online fact sheets are available here.

Teacher Prep Guide iconTeacher's Prep Guide
If you'd like to visit the zoo, please use this Prep Guide to inspire, educate and prepare your class, prior to your visit.

Self-Guided Activity

The Zoo's Backyard: State Symbols Scavenger Hunt 2006
The Zoo's new nature trail and playground area incorporates native plantings, hummingbird and butterfly plants, and an area about bugs in your backyard. Download this worksheet and answer sheet  for a scavenger hunt in this area.

Teacher Workshops & Loan Kits
Using biofacts and activities, our education staff of experienced biologists can help you upgrade your biology and environmental science "toolbox" to be in line with the current curriculum standards.

Everyone needs to brush up on their biology now and then, or maybe you are just looking for some new and interesting activities to teach big concepts. We offer special training on the following topics by appointment:

  • Suitcase for Survival
  • The illegal trade in endangered species and animal products. Free check-out kit filled with confiscated ivory, fur, a reptile skin boot, etc.
  • Predators and Prey
  • Environmental education games and other resources.
  • Other topics are available as well.

For more information, call the Zoo’s education department at 916-808-5889 or email.

Loan Kits (Free with refundable deposit!)
We know how hard it is to design new and engaging lessons. When it comes to animals and the environment, we’ve already done the work for you! Our kits include a fully designed lesson with biofacts, games, and hands on activities to bring biology to life. The following teacher resources are available for check out at the education department by appointment:

  • Bird themed check-out Kit : Includes eggs, feathers and books. Click here for photo 
  • Suitcase for Survival Kit: Addresses the illegal trade in wildlife products. Teachers are required to schedule a short training workshop before using this kit. Click here for photo 
  • Wetlands Kit: Hands on activities about the roles of wetlands.  Click here for photo 
  • Amphibian Alert! Kit: Explore metamorphosis and conservation activities Click here for photo

For more information, call the Zoo’s education department at 916-808-5889 or email.


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