Pandamonium at the Sacramento Zoo
Red Panda Exhibit will Reopen

Pandamonium has taken over the Sacramento Zoo. After being closed for exactly one year, the Red Panda Exhibit will reopen. This weekend, July 9th and 10th, come celebrate the Red panda with a variety of activities and educational opportunities for all ages to learn about Red pandas and where they come from.

In addition to regularly scheduled weekend programs, there will be activities for children, Keeper Chats at the exhibit and special animal enrichments. Brian Williams, CEO of the Red Panda Network, will also give a presentation and be available to answer questions about the animals, their native habitats and conservation efforts.

“It is good to have the Red pandas back in their home,” said Amanda Mayberry, an animal keeper at the Sacramento Zoo. “We are also excited that Red Panda Network will be joining us as we celebrate over the weekend. They are a fantastic organization that focuses on education and conservation of Red pandas and their habitat. The Zoo is thrilled to be partnering with them.”

The exhibit first opened in 2001. During its closure the animal den areas in the back were improved and the front was given a face lift. The exhibit is currently home to three Red pandas, but over time has housed a number of other pandas, including a litter of cubs.

Made for a life in the trees, the Red panda travels through the canopy with ease. Red pandas, a distant relative of the Giant panda, are not bears and are more closely related to a raccoon. They weigh between seven and fourteen pounds and their red and white fur is soft and dense. Red pandas live in the cool temperate bamboo forests in Asia. Because of habitat loss and poaching there are fewer than 2,500 adult Red pandas, ranking them as endangered on the list of Threatened Species. 

Schedule of Events for the Weekend:
11:00 am – Animal Encounter (Saturday Only), Discovery Room
11:00 am – Zoo P.I. Critter Caper (Sunday Only), Amphitheatre
12:30 pm – Presentation by Brian Williams, CEO of Red Panda Network (Saturday & Sunday), Kampala
1:00 pm – Red panda Keeper Chat (Saturday & Sunday)
1:30 pm – Wildlife Stage Show (Saturday & Sunday), Amphitheatre
2:15 pm  – White-faced saki Keeper Chat (Saturday & Sunday)
2:30 pm  – Black & white ruffed lemur Keeper Chat (Saturday & Sunday)
2:45 pm  – Red river hog Keeper Chat (Saturday & Sunday)
3:00 pm  – Red panda Keeper Chat (Saturday & Sunday)

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