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Holiday Magic

Bundle up the family and celebrate the holiday season at Holiday Magic! Watch animals receive special treats and enrichments and don't forget to take free photos with Santa! Read More

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Holiday Magic

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Pajama Party Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 24, 2019


I Heart Sacramento Zoo

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Squawk! Julio wants you to visit Holiday Magic! 📸 Come visit us on December 14th for FREE Santa photos with the help of our friends at Mike’s Camera! 🎅 Santa will be here from 10am to 4pm with a lunch break scheduled from 1:30-2:30pm, when his workshop will be closed. He can’t wait to see you! He’s had his list ready for days now. 😉 #JulioTheBlueAndGoldMacaw #BlueAndGoldMacaw #AraArarauna #SacramentoZoo ...

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Our next Little Peeps class will take place on Dec. 10 & 11 and will focus on important dino defenses — armor and club tails! . Can you spot the Stegosaurus? These dinos have a unique armor which helped them survive all kinds of situations. We’ll also look closely at the Ankylosaurus’ club tail and look for an animal here at the zoo with its own club tail! 😱 . Register online for this and future Little Peeps classes—and if you miss them, don't worry, because our dinos have been so popular that we extended their visit to February 17th! 😄🦕🦖 . #21stCenturyZoo #DiscoverTheDinosaurs #SacramentoZoo ...

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WHO’s coming in for #WellsFargoWednesday today? Up to 4 children can get in free with a paid adult. What a hoot! 🦉🧡 Did you know that great horned owls have the most diverse diet of all North American raptors? #SacZooFacts #CharlieTheGreatHornedOwl #GreatHornedOwl #SacramentoZoo ...

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Still trying to catch your breath after Black Friday? 😅 Thank goodness Cyber Monday shopping can be done from home! 😉 . TODAY ONLY, use code "cyberzoo" and get 13-months for the price of 12 for new and lapsed members. You can give it as a gift or buy it for your family. Zoo membership is an excellent value because it pays for itself in as little as a couple of visits! Online only. Go, go, go! 🐆💨 . #CoconutTheSnowLeopard #SnowLeopard #SacramentoZoo ...

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Who else is “just grazing” on the leftovers in the fridge today? 😂🧡 We hope you had a fantastic day with your loved ones! . Did you know? A full-grown giraffe can eat 60 pounds of leaves each day and drink 10 gallons of water at a time! Glad we didn’t have one at Thanksgiving dinner. 😉 . #SacZooFacts #ReticulatedGiraffe #SacramentoZoo ...

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Our fulvous whistling ducks are getting all fluffed up for their festivities later. 😉 Who else is making sure they've got on their Thanksgiving best? 🦆🧡 . From all of us here at the Sacramento Zoo, Happy Thanksgiving! . Reminder: We are closed today. . #FulvousWhistlingDuck #SacramentoZoo ...

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A special message from Dr. Andrew Stein with @clawsconservancy in northern Botswana! 🌍 You’re very welcome, Doctor! . Dr. Stein and his team work to promote coexistence between lions and local communities. 🦁❤️️👫 . CLAWS has developed an approach for reducing lion poisoning by locals through community outreach and livestock protection! . Click the link in our bio to learn more about CLAWS Conservancy and how you can support them through our Quarters for Conservation program! . #Conservation #FromTheField #AfricanLion #SacramentoZoo ...

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"The Sacramento Zoo is proud of its partnership with @ucdavisvetmed, which helps provide our animal collection with state-of-the-art specialized veterinary care with a focus on wellness, disease prevention, and early detection of medical problems." - Dr. Jenessa Gjeltema, DVM, Dipl. ACZM In our most recent blog post, Dr. Gjeltema writes about her work with Dr. Gunther-Harrington from the UC Davis veterinary cardiology service to examine several animals in a recent series of routine check-ups. When they found a heart murmur, they knew it was time to spring into action. Follow the link in our bio to read more! #21stCenturyZoo #SacramentoZoo ...

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Movies may not always be accurate, but one thing about Madagascar is true: lemurs like to move it! 💃🏻🍃 . Our 17-year-old Mongoose Lemur, Elmo, is being treated for age-related arthritis in his rear left leg. Keepers ask Elmo to touch a target stick to help him hold still while he receives Cold Laser Therapy – a noninvasive way to reduce inflammation in his leg. 🧡 Elmo has laser therapy four times a week to keep him comfortable and reduce soreness, so he can keep movin' like King Julian would want him too. 😊👍 . #ElmoTheMongooseLemur #MongooseLemur #21stCenturyZoo #SacramentoZoo ...

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Butternut, when there’s a lot at stake, you always get your point across. You show tenacity; whatever is thrown your way sticks to you. But your coworkers describe your personality as a bit prickly. #AnimalPerformanceReviews #SacramentoZoo ...

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Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you signed your kiddos up for our Dino Little Peeps Classes yet?! 🦕🦖 . Dino Little Peeps is a special dino-themed series of classes for 3-5-year-olds, accompanied by an adult buddy. Classes in December are as follows: . Dec. 3, 4: Dino Defenses – Horns Dec. 10, 11: Dino Defenses – Armor and Club Tails Dec. 17, 18: Dino Defenses – Teeth and Claws . Visit our website to register! . #DiscoverTheDinosaurs #SacramentoZoo ...

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Cameron the Bateleur eagle is ready for the Thanksgiving festivities! 🦃🍗🥖🥔 Comment below, what are you most thankful for? #CameronTheBateleurEagle #BateleurEagle #SacramentoZoo ...

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A glimpse into where your Quarters for Conservation donations are going! We are so proud to partner with @wildnatureinstitute to help support the work they are doing in Tanzania to study these beautiful animals! 🦒🧡 . Visit their website through the link in our bio to learn more about the incredible work they are doing! . #Giraffe #WildNatureInstitute #Conservation #21stCenturyZoo #SacramentoZoo ...

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Got a case of the Mondays? Shake it off! It's a new week, make plans to visit the Sac Zoo! . Tag a friend to join you in the comments below! . #CaribbeanFlamingo #SacramentoZoo ...

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They say dinosaur puns are pteroble... but that won't stop us. We think this exhibit is DINO-MITE! 🦖🦕😉 Dino Little Peeps classes are still underway! Next week, November 19th & 20th is our Dino Defenses class on size! We will learn about how big dinosaurs really were and how size helps animals today survive in their habitats! Follow the link in our bio to register! Don't wait! #DiscoverTheDinosaurs #SacramentoZoo ...

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Ringo the six-banded armadillo is really loving this fall weather! Who can relate? 🍂🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ . Did you know? Armadillo means "little armored one" in Spanish? 🛡 #SacZooFacts Ringo is very energetic and is constantly on the go! He loves applesauce and fruit baby food! 🍎 . #RingoTheSixBandedArmadillo #SixBandedArmadillo #SacramentoZoo ...

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