Resident lion pair Cleo (left) and Kamau (right)

Lions Temporarily Off Exhibit

The Sacramento Zoo’s resident lion pair, Kamau and Cleo, will be off exhibit through summer as they’re receiving an addition to their exhibit space! The adjoining former tiger exhibit will be incorporated into the lions’ exhibit, allowing the lions to enjoy nearly double the space they currently live in. Renovations are moving forward and this phase requires the pair to be housed off-exhibit and behind the scenes. Look forward to seeing them soon in a newly-renovated glass front exhibit that doubles their living space!

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Don’t miss Dinos After Dark – Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28 from 5:30 – 8 pm - featuring the zoo's animatronic dinosaurs and fun dinosaur-themed events. Read More

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Deaf Awareness Day

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Estate Planning Safari

Thursday, September 26, 2019


Dinos After Dark

Friday, September 27, 2019


Nature Explorers

Saturday, September 28, 2019

"You talkin' to me?!" 🤔 Come say "hello" to the emus this weekend! 👋 These amazing animals are the second largest species of bird in the 🌍 AND they can run at speeds of 40 mph! 😱 #SacZooFacts #Emu #SacramentoZoo ...

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Who's hungry? 😋😉 Beata the giant anteater's lunch consists of kibble/chow that's designed for insect-eating mammals and avocado (one of his favorite treats)! . Did you know? Anteaters have a tongue that moves in and out 150 times per minute! This means they can eat up to 30,000 insects in a single day! 😱🐜🐜🐜 #SacZooFacts . #BeataTheAnteater #GiantAnteater #SacramentoZoo ...

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Time for a Gizmo update! 😍 . At almost 2.5 lbs, Gizmo has finally ventured out of the nest box on his own! 🎉 This charismatic little cub spent almost an entire day exploring and playing on the den floor before retiring back to the nest box with mom. His care staff notes that he continues to grow, thrive and achieve milestones as expected of a young red panda. 🤗 . We 🧡 you, Gizmo! . #GizmoTheRedPanda #RedPanda #SacramentoZoo ...

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It's a new week! Who has plans to visit the zoo? 🙋🙋‍♂️ . Leave a comment below and let us know which animal at the zoo is YOUR FAVORITE! 🐗🐒🐍🐢🐆🦒🦓🦎🦉🦁 . 📷: @michelle.imahara . #SacramentoZoo ...

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Hang tight! It's almost the weekend! 😉🙌 . Did you know? Two-toed sloths are arboreal, nocturnal leaf eaters. They have large, multi-compartmental stomachs that contain cellulose-digesting enzymes to aid with the breakdown of large quantities of plant material. Food may take more than a month to be digested! 😱🥦 #SacZooFacts . #LinnesTwoToedSloth #SacramentoZoo ...

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We're bananas for bats! 😍🦇🍌 . Straw-colored fruit bats are found in huge colonies that can range from thousands to millions of individuals, with smaller clusters of up to 100 individuals formed within the larger colony. #SacZooFacts . #StrawColoredFruitBat #SacramentoZoo ...

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It's #NationalWildlifeDay! To celebrate, we thought we'd share this beautiful clip of wild giraffe in Tanzania, shared with us by our friends at @wild_nature_institute. 🦒🧡 . We are so proud to help support their efforts in protecting these amazing, now endangered animals through their essential research. . Partnering with local conservation organizations, like Wild Nature Institute, allows zoo's to help fund science, education and advocacy programs working to save endangered animals like giraffes. . #Giraffe #SavingSpecies #21stCenturyZoo #SacramentoZoo ...

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Tomorrow is #WellsFargoWednesday! 🎉 . Buy one adult ticket and receive free entry for up to four kids! See you then! . #AfricanHedgehog #SacramentoZoo ...

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Happy #LaborDay from all of us here at the #SacramentoZoo! We are open regular hours today (9am - 4pm), stop on by and maybe even feed a giraffe! 🦒 #Giraffe #GiraffeEncounter ...

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*Sound on* 🔊 Chill out... it's almost Friday! ✌️😎 . #SacramentoZoo #SpiderTortoise ...

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Adventure awaits! 🗺🧡 The zoo brings a sense of magic to those who visit! Purchase tickets and plan YOUR next adventure on our website. . 📷: @lacy.trucov . #SacramentoZoo ...

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Here's the scoop, Ice Cream Safari 2019 was a blast! 🍦🍨 Thanks to all who came out! It was a sweet time! 🧡 . Who's coming next year?! 🙋‍♂️🙋 . #IceCreamSafari2019 #SacramentoZoo ...

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Who wants to catch a ride on the Conservation Carousel?! 🙋‍♂️🙋 Did you know, you can book birthday parties at the #SacramentoZoo? 🐒🦒🦓🦍 🎉 . Parties include 10 Conservation Carousel tickets, a table coloring activity and more! . Follow the link in bio to learn more about planning a birthday party at the zoo! . #SacramentoZoo ...

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Guess what we're brewing up? 😋🍻 A new addition to the #AnimalsOnTap series! . Join us at @track7brewing on Saturday, August 31st from 12-4PM for the Hylobates lar Release Party and help us raise awareness for our conservation efforts to protect endangered white-handed gibbons! 🧡 . Track 7 Brewing Company brewed "Hylobates lar" as a Northeast-style IPA using fruits native to the gibbon diet: mango and lychee. . Click the link in our bio to learn more! . #HylobatesLar #21stCenturyZoo #SacramentoZoo ...

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Hop on over to the zoo today for 1/2 off ticket prices! 🐸🎉 Don't forget to visit our Reptile House while you're here! 🐸🦎🐍🐢 . * 1/2 off tickets can only be purchased at the zoo today, not online. See you soon! . #PoisonousDartFrog #SacramentoZoo ...

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Cuteness alert! 🎉🧡 Gizmo, the baby red panda, is doing great and getting more mobile! He still hasn't ventured out of the nest box on his own yet, but it looks like he will soon! Stay tuned! . #GizmoTheRedPanda #RedPanda #SacramentoZoo ...

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"WE LOVE GIRAFFES!" and we love our partnership with @wild_nature_institute. 🧡🦒 . This was a special message from Monica Bond in Tanzania to our #SacramentoZoo campers! Monica and the #WildNatureInstitute team are conducting research to discover where Masai giraffe are doing well, where they are not, and why. They also promote giraffe conservation by supporting anti-poaching activities and educating others about the dangers giraffe face in the wild. . Click the link in our bio to learn more about the work they are doing! . #Conservation #FromTheField #21stCenturyZoo #Giraffe #SacramentoZoo ...

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