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Rose Colored Glasses

Categories: Zookeeper Profile

By Jim Schnormeier, Curator & Asst. Director

When I first started to work for the Sacramento Zoo in 1992 Delta was also just getting started. Our paths never really crossed and we never had a project that we could develop together. Then, in 2002, the Zoo did its first temporary animal exhibit with the display of a white alligator. It was my job to insure the nuts and bolts were in place and Delta saw that the nuts and bolts were extraordinary, fun and marketable. The exhibit has yet to be matched! Since that project we have teamed up on several others also very successfully.

She is a person who I knew you could count on to make an ember into a raging fire. We watched her family grow up in front of us and she always claimed that it took a zoo to raise her kids. Other family members got involved, like her brother Joe, that trained staff annually on the proper use of a fire extinguisher. Overnights at the Zoo were successful impart to stories Delta provided.

Delta is always optimistic and very seldom cynical even to the point she appeared to look at the world through rose colored glasses. You should not be fooled with her rose colored glasses, for with these she is perceptive, focused and keeps an eye on the horizon. In many ways the last 10 years have been pioneer ones for the zoo and our existence. Keeping cost down, productivity high and a consistent quality has been challenging. Delta has helped us succeed in all aspects as only she could.

Although Delta will be leaving the Zoo, her inspiration will remain all around. I want to wish her only the best in her new challenges and if it is possible to get a train to sing and dance she will be the one to do it.