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Lions: Goodbye Luxor, Welcome Kamau

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By Zoo Blog Keeper

As recommended by the Lion Species Survival Plan®, our male lion, Luxor, is moving to the Peoria Zoo in Illinois. We will miss Luxor, but the breeding recommendation by the SSP was to bring Kamau, from the San Diego Wild Animal Park, to breed with our current female lion.

Kamau’s genes are highly desirable, as his parents’ genetics are underrepresented in the community. A fundamental conservation issue is the preservation of genetic diversity in the captive population, and new bloodlines brought into the breeding arena are essential. We are excited to welcome 2-year-old Kamau to our Zoo family and hope he will bring new additions to our family.

Luxor will be leaving the November 15, so come say goodbye! Kamau should be out on exhibit in the next month, after going through introductions to the female lion, Cleo.

Here is Luxor with sister Cleo at the Sacramento Zoo.