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Farewell Jim

Categories: Zookeeper Profile

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

For 17 years the Sacramento Zoo has had a secret weapon. A formidable force of constant support, patience, dedication, a nice moustache and one pair of shorts (just for Ice Cream Safari). Our curator Jim, has lead the Zoo through many changes, ups and downs, building projects, temporary exhibits, 3 am phone calls, accreditations, and put up with a lot of our wacky antics along the way. So many antics, that you’ll always see him hanging out by the closest door at any party or event with a very clear exit strategy.

Jim has been the man-behind-the-scenes for the Dr. Murry Fowler Veterinary Hospital, the Conservation Carousel, the Tall Wonders giraffe exhibit expansion, and spring exhibits from bugs to dinosaurs, mazes to penguins, white alligators to white tigers and involved with almost every aspect of what you see when you visit the Zoo including the giant frog on the Reptile House. It would take days to list all his accomplishments and the impact he has made at the Zoo.

This week marks the last of his days with his family at the Sacramento Zoo before he moves on to his new home with the Reid Park Zoo. We wish him the best of luck and know he will make his mark there as he has made his mark in Sacramento.

Personally, it has been a joy working with Jim for the last 10 years even though I can safely say I was completely intimidated the first year. Some days I’m sure he wishes I still was!

From the bottom of our hearts – Thank you Jim!