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Caring for the Conservation Carousel

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By Tonja Swank, Public Relations Coordinator
This week artists from Carousel Works in Mansfield Ohio touched-up and resealed the Conservation Carousel. It was an opportunity for Zoo employees, volunteers and guests to meet some of those who worked on the carousel, and learn what it took to create these one-of-a-kind pieces of art.
The Conservation Carousel has brought smiles to more than 118,000 riders since it opened in May 2009. Each of the 32 carousel animals is carved from wood and painted by hand with incredible detail to create a truly unique piece. Carousel animals include an anteater, flamingo, jaguar, ladybug and dung beetle. When riding the carousel one can see educational and conservation messages.
The Zoo is dedicated to the routine upkeep and care of the wooden structure. Changes in the weather can make wood shrink or expand, causing cracks. To protect the painted finish, the carousel has an enclosure that completely covers it from the elements when it is not in use.
Carousel Works is the only company in the world with the in-house capability to manufacture wooden carousels from design to installation. The company has a reputation for quality work that has led them to installing carousels in a variety of zoos including Calgary and Bronx. They have even installed a carousel on a cruise ship.
The Carousel is now running again and looking beautiful! Make sure to stop by and take a ride.
Last week artists from Carousel Works came to touch-up and reseal the Carousel


The artists also gave a presentation and answered questions.


All 32 animals on the Carousel were hand carved and painted

Staff (and Julio, the Blue & gold macaw) took an the inaugural ride in 2009