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Welcome new Supervisor of Collections!

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By Tonja Swank, Public Relations Coordinator

The Sacramento Zoo has welcomed Matt McKim as the new Supervisor of Collections. McKim came from Micke Grove Zoo where he served as Zoo Curator for six years.

Being Supervisor of Collections requires a very skilled individual. He will oversee the complex task of transferring and receiving animals, a job that requires a lot of paperwork, careful consideration into how to transport an animal and working closely with other zoos. McKim will also hold the responsibilities of an onsite supervisor which includes working with the Zoo’s Keeper-Aide Program, coordinating staff development, supply acquisition, acting as the Zoo’s registrar and coordinating records of the Zoo’s animal collection.

“I am optimistic and excited to continue to work in a field that I love as part of this successful and respected organization. I look forward to contributing to the future of the Sacramento Zoo as a world class conservation institution.” said McKim.

McKim graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Science in animal ecology and environmental studies. After graduation he began working for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. From there he made the shift to zoos as a zookeeper at Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, IA and then moved west to become a zookeeper at Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi, CA. In 2005 McKim accepted the position of Zoo Curator at Micke Grove Zoo which he held until his recent transition to the Sacramento Zoo.

Another bright spot of this new opportunity for McKim is the chance to work in the community in which he resides. McKim said, “I have called Sacramento home for more than 11years. My new position allows me a wonderful chance to give back to the community I live in by joining the Zoo’s efforts to serve as the local go-to source of conservation education for both children and adults throughout the area”.

Matt with Twilight the Western Screech Owl