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Quarters for Conservation Program

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By Tonja Swank, Public Relations Coordinator

Earth Day is a time to reflect on ways to make a positive impact through
everyday decisions. At the Sacramento Zoo, visitors make a difference every time
they visit by participating in the Quarters for Conservation Program. Through
the collection of quarters, the Zoo provides funding for local and global
wildlife conservation projects. The Quarters for Conservation program is
replicated at other zoos throughout the U.S.

As guests enter the Zoo, they receive a token representing their contribution
to conservation. The token enables visitors to vote for one of three
conservation projects at the wishing well in the Zoo’s Entry Plaza. Votes
determine how much funding each project receives; every vote makes a difference.
Each project is guaranteed $5,000 annually with additional funding based on the
number of votes received.

The three conservation projects, selected by the Zoo’s Conservation
Committee, are the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, the Mabula Ground
Hornbill Conservation Project and, locally, the Burrowing Owl Conservation
Society. The funds raised for the three organizations will help protect the
endangered species and their natural habitats in the wild.

As you consider how you can make a difference this Earth Day, remember that
every time you visit the Zoo you do make a difference. Learn more by visiting the Quarters for Conservation webpage or the Conservation webpage.

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