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Zoo Partner, Nugget Markets

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The local grocery store chain, Nugget Markets, recently joined the Zoo as a partner, sponsoring the Zoo’s Green Team as well as the Zoo’s Earth Fest in April. Earth Fest is the Zoo’s annual celebration of the world through environmental and cultural appreciation featuring information tables, games and entertainment.

Nugget hosted an interactive composting exhibit where kids learned the importance of conserving through hands-on composting. Nugget is no stranger to conservation. Their storewide sustainability program seeks to maximize efforts in three categories: water reduction, waste elimination and energy savings. Nugget’s sustainability coordinator works closely with a store-based “Green Guru” and their leadership teams to identify programs and processes that will help them reach their sustainability goals.

In 2015, Nugget’s associates rose to the challenge and collectively made a huge impact: more than 12 million gallons of water saved, 2.3 million pounds of food waste converted into biofuel or fertilizer, 4.8 million pounds of recyclables diverted and ambitious energy-saving retrofits for each store location. In addition, Nugget partnered with food banks and nonprofits in the communities they serve to make sure that good food makes it to those who are most in need.

In 1926, Nugget Markets founder, Mack Stille, said, “We are here for our neighbors just as they have been here for us. There is only one race in the world: the human race. We support our neighbors through charitable giving and providing the finest products and services.” Four generations later, Nugget Markets continues to serve their communities and to recognize their responsibility to steward resources well and minimize their impact on the environment.

The Sacramento Zoo is excited to partner with Nugget Markets to maximize our impact on conservation.

Nugget staff teaching kids about composting.
Nugget was giving away compost as well!
Boys helping to turn the compost bins.