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Welcome New Bongo

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The Sacramento Zoo is excited to welcome Eastern Bongos back to our Zoo! Having spent the last 30 days in quarantine at the Dr. Murray E. Fowler Veterinary Hospital, Sukari, a young male Eastern Bongo, is now on exhibit. He was born on December 23, 2014 and joins us from Cincinnati Zoo as part of a cooperative with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

Sukari began exploring his new exhibit by munching on leaves and listening to the sounds around him. You can see him, located near the Red River Hogs and the Conservation Carousel. Every time you ride the carousel or any of the additional attractions at the Zoo, you are helping donate funds to wildlife conservation efforts.

The Eastern Bongo is a large, African forest antelope with a chestnut colored body with white vertical body stripes, patches of black and white on the legs, white chevrons on the chest, large ears and spiral horns. Mature males are larger and darker than adult females. They live in isolated populations in the high elevation montane forests of Kenya. Eastern Bongos are considered critically endangered; it is estimated there are fewer than 200 individuals left in the wild. They face threats from poaching and habitat loss.

The Sacramento Zoo works to increase awareness of conservation issues that affect Eastern Bongos and other large animals in African habitats. For more than 20 years the Sacramento Zoo has actively participated in AZA’s Eastern Bongo Species Survival Plan® (SSP) to cooperatively manage this critically endangered species.