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A New Welcome at the Zoo

Categories: Visitor Services, Volunteer

The Zoo has a new welcoming committee! Visitors to the Zoo may see many more smiling faces throughout the Zoo, most notably at the front gate. Beginning in January, dedicated volunteers have begun filling a brand new volunteer position as a way to heighten the Zoo guest experience. Now, as guests walk into the Zoo, they are greeted with a smile by a friendly and helpful volunteer. As you visit the Zoo in the coming months, keep an eye out for this new volunteer-

Introducing, the…..Zoo Ambassador!

Zoo GreeterA Zoo Ambassador is an entry-level volunteer position at the Zoo (for volunteers ages 15 and up) that can fill a variety of different needs, based on the volunteer’s individual preferences. Zoo Ambassadors greet guests at the Zoo Entrance, they assist with Zoo clean up tasks, provide directions throughout the Zoo, assist with events, and they can also jump in to help with one-time specialty projects as the needs arise. Zoo Ambassadors are poised and ready to make a guest’s day memorable by providing important information such as Animal Encounter schedules, Keeper Chat locations, and general assistance in the Zoo.

Not only is the Zoo Ambassador position great for the guest experience, it is also great for the volunteer experience! Volunteers who make the commitment to become a Zoo Ambassador are exposed to a variety of different elements in running a Zoo, and they become more invested and committed to the Zoo’s mission. They are provided with recognition for their achievements and opportunities for continuing education. Zoo Ambassadors who are 18 years and older are given the chance to move up into additional programs, such as the Docent program, Keeper Aide program, or Horticulture Department. There are more positions available daily, so the Zoo Ambassador program can fit into most everyone’s schedule.

So, next time you are visiting the Zoo, see if you can spot one of our new Zoo Ambassadors! Say hi, and ask them when and where the next animal encounter is, or the closest bathroom.

If you are interested in joining the new Zoo Ambassador program, check out our website! Applications are accepted year-round, and orientations occur quarterly.