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Employee Profile: Rosemary Garcia

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Rosemary GarciaWhen one thinks of the faces of the Sacramento Zoo, it is easy to think of the African Lions, Julia the Thick-billed Parrot, the towering Masai Giraffes. But when one thinks of a person who represents the Sacramento Zoo with a smiling face, many see Rosemary greeting guests at the Zoo entrance.

Regardless of the day or the weather Rosemary is always the smiling face of the Sacramento Zoo. As a Front Gate Attendant, hers is the first face that many of the yearly half-million visitors to the Zoo see when they first arrive. Rosemary has the power to make a guest’s day, and she has done just that for the last 23 years.

Rosemary, affectionately knows as Rosie, started at the Zoo as a cashier (in the days when the Zoo also ran the cash register for Fairytale Town). Prior to working at the Zoo she was a waitress at her family’s restaurant, in fact, some patrons of the Zoo recognize Rosie from waitressing days! When asked, she will tell you what she loves most about working at the Sacramento Zoo is all the people. She also enjoys going for walks around the park, as well as saying hi to all the squirrels that cross her path.

To this day, her caring and outgoing personality never quits for even a second. When Little Peeps classes are at the front of the Zoo, Rosemary is often the first person our preschoolers and their families meet. She greets them with her warm smile, tells them to have fun, and points them toward the Discovery Room. The genuine and personal customer service that Rosemary adds to the Zoo makes every visitor’s day memorable! Not only does she improve our Zoo guests’ days, but she improves our employees’ days as well.