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From the Director

Categories: Director's Den, Visitor Services
By: Kyle Burks, Sacramento Zoo Director/CEO

Spring is such an exciting time in nature. The world feels fresh and vibrant and new life Director Kyle Burksemerges all around us. I feel the same way about our great Zoo. My team and I are working hard to make the Zoo feel fresh and new and vibrant for the animals in our care and for you. Did you know that your beloved Sacramento Zoo turns 90 this year? Our age shows in some areas – but I’m thrilled with the plans that will lead us to our 100th birthday in 10 years. You are going to see some exciting things from us this year. We will be making significant improvements to our lion habitat to make sure our pride has a stimulating, complex and comfortable home. We will be improving the indoor homes for our great apes, too. You will see a much-needed shade structure for our Aardvarks and Fennec Foxes. You will see two new aviaries for some incredible bird species. The list goes on and on. As we improve the homes for the animals, we also have improvements coming for you, too. We will have new events and new experiences to make every visit an exciting adventure.

Looking forward to our 100th birthday, we will be unveiling the final plans for our new Biodiversity Center and sharing our finalized Master Plan that will drive how we improve the Zoo in the next 10 years and beyond. I hope you are as excited as me to be truly reimagining the Sacramento Zoo.