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A Duo of Otters

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River OtterJackson, a 3 year-old male North American River Otter has recently joined the Sacramento Zoo family and can now be seen on exhibit. He moved here from the Jackson Zoo and is in the early stages of being introduced to his new home and Kai, the Zoo’s female North American River Otter.

While Jackson and Kai are being introduced, you may only see one otter on exhibit at a time. This may last a few days or a few weeks; it all depends upon how well Kai and Jackson get along and bond. Our hope is that after becoming acquainted, the two will live as companions.

Finding a ‘friend’ for Kai took a lot of planning and coordination with the AZA Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Coordinator for North American River Otters. The SSP Coordinator not only has to consider the age and personality of the otters, but the needs and movements of all other otters at Association of Zoos and Aquariums facilities around the country.

North American River Otters are native to the freshwater rivers and streams in the United States. The largest concentration of these otters in California is in the Suisun Marsh, about 40 miles from Sacramento. They can also be found in the Yolo Basin, and the American River range, stretching to the foothills.