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A New Mob at the Sacramento Zoo

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Red Kangaroo
Red Kangaroo

The Sacramento Zoo has two new young male red kangaroos from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, named Flux and Jordan!

The two male marsupials are just under two years of age and still have some growing to do before they reach their full adult size. They can be found in the Australian Outback exhibit with Obi, the zoo’s 15-year-old male red kangaroo, two emus and a group of nine yellow-footed rock wallabies.

Red kangaroos are the largest of the kangaroo species and are native to the dry and grassy plains of Australia. Their common predators in the wild are dingo, humans, and birds of prey. Other threats to these animals are highways and being hit by cars as well as being shot as pests. Roos travel in groups called mobs and are mostly nocturnal, with the entire group resting together during the heat of the day (a habit our mob replicates at the zoo).

Hop on by the Sacramento Zoo be sure to welcome Flux and Jordan.