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Black and White Ruffed Lemur Update

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Black and White Ruffed Lemur InfantThe all-female black and white ruffed lemur trio, born May 23 of this year have made their public debut. Caprese, Nicoise, and Panzanella weighing 495 grams, 490 grams, and 445 grams respectively at their last check-up, are ready to leave the nest and navigate the larger exhibit with the adult lemurs. The whole conspiracy of black and white ruffed lemurs can now be seen grazing, lounging, and interacting daily.

The girls have been behind-the-scenes with their mother. Various older siblings have also been bonding and spending time together. A well-bonded lemur family is especially important because the Sacramento Zoo is currently the only facility in the country with a multi-generational group – a total of 10 individuals with three sets of siblings represented! Ruffed lemurs can give birth to as many as 3-5 infants at a time, thus carrying them like all other primate species would on their bodies, would be problematic. Therefore, this species builds nests and use tree cavities to “park” their infants while the mother goes out to forage.