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New Custom Built Furniture for the African Lions

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The Sacramento Zoo’s facilities and animal care teams have been hard at work creating and implementing some new and exciting changes to the African lion’s habitat.

The most noticeable change for visitors is a climbing and napping structure in the exhibit. The large structure was created with our lion pride and their needs, as well as lion housing guidelines, in mind. It offers more shade on hot days, as well as heated locations on cold winter days. Overall, the main structure and two additional smaller napping platforms offer more lounging, scratching, and exploring options. An added benefit for zoo visitors is a closer view and new perspective of the lions.

Further additions, that cannot be appreciated by guests, is an expanded behind-the-scenes space for the African lions that triple the amount of off-exhibit outside area. The area includes resting platforms and simply more options for keepers to move animals from space to space depending upon the cat’s needs and the pride social dynamics at any given time.

Visit the Sacramento Zoo to check out the African lion’s furniture addition and see them in a whole new way.

Zoo's Facilities Team
The zoo’s facilities team taking a quick break from constructing the new structure for the lions.