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Flamingo Chick Care Update: Passing of Bellini

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Flamingo Chick
Bellini at two days old

The Sacramento Zoo’s animal care team, veterinarians, and all other support staff are somber today as we announce the death of Bellini, one of the six American flamingo chicks to hatch at the zoo this summer. The cause of death is unknown at this time. Zoo veterinary staff completed a preliminary exam that procured no further answers. A full necropsy will be performed at UC Davis, we will keep you updated with results when we receive them. Bellini was the second oldest chick but was also the smallest. As the runt, her food intake and weight were monitored closely by her care team. Unlike the rest of her flock, she was still receiving supplemental feedings in an effort to help her grow. She will be remembered fondly by visitors and staff as being the little girl filled with personality. She loved to cuddle with her caretakers, enjoyed bathing, and had a sweet disposition. This is a difficult loss for all of us at the zoo.