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Happy Birthday Goody!

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Betty White and Giraffe
Goody has even met Betty White!

Goody the reticulated giraffe is celebrating her 19th birthday today (one of her primary caretakers, zookeeper Melissa, is also celebrating a birthday today!). For her special day, she will receive extra treats (grapes are a favorite). The easygoing gal will also hang out with her herd-mates and maybe even make her way to the giraffe deck during public encounters to receive extra leafy greens.

Goody is a bit of a celebrity who received national attention for the custom-made shoe she wears and other treatments to care for her arthritis and leg conformation issues. Read about her arthritis and the various methods of treatment she receives on previous blogs

Reticulated Giraffe
Goody showing off her shoe to half-sister Skye.

You may have noticed that it has been a while since we have posted an update on Goody. That is because she is doing well. While she is will continue to receive various treatments for the rest of her life such as her electrotherapy mat, acupuncture, glucosamine and more, all are being provided at a maintenance level.  Goody’s condition is not declining; instead, the treatments have slowed down the progression of her arthritis and other related ailments. This effort on the part of keepers and vets has greatly improved Goody’s quality of life, allowing her to enjoy her golden years with her half-sister and the rest of the herd.

Join us in wishing Goody a very happy birthday.