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Happy Travels Inara and Saphira

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African LionInara and Saphira, the two female African lions, born at the Sacramento Zoo in October 2014, are moving to the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums African Lion Species Survival PlanĀ® planned transfers. They will be heading to their new home in the coming weeks.African Lion

The females of a lion pride often stay together; keeping with this natural behavior, the girls will be moving together to start the foundation of their own pride. Little Rock Zoo is home to Bakari, a 10-year-old African lion male, to whom they will be introduced. The exhibit is newly renovated and includes five bedrooms for them to choose in the indoor portion of the enclosure. We look forward to updates about the girls from the Little Rock Zoo!

For those wanting to know how the male Demarcus (the third cub born in 2014 who departed this spring) is doing at the Turtle Back Zoo, he is settling into the newly built exhibit and becoming accustomed to his new habitat and dedicated keepers. Staff at the Turtle Back Zoo are in the process of introducing Demarcus to his female pride members.

Guests can still see the older adult pair of African lions Cleo and Kamau, relaxing in their exhibit daily. With their kids growing up and moving out, Kamau and Cleo have begun redecorating. Stop by the zoo to see their latest furniture additions as they lounge.

lion family
Kamau, Cleo, and the cubs in 2015. At almost three years old, the cubs are now adults venturing out of the den and away from their parents.