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International Red Panda Day

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AAZK at Red Panda DayWhen is the last time you spent some time at the Sacramento Zoo’s red panda exhibit? If it has been a while, or like us you just enjoy watching the adorable animals chow down on bamboo, this Saturday is the perfect day to plan your next visit. September 30 is all about red pandas at the zoo. The Greater Sac Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers will be hosting the 8th annual International Red Panda Day. Joining forces with more than 60 other zoos, the interactive and educational event will raise awareness about red panda conservation.

Join the fun by becoming a “Red Panda Ranger” after visiting various red panda stations and completing activities. Other stations include face painting and the opportunity to decorate your own flag that will be added to the ones currently surrounding the Claire E. Mower Red Panda Forest.

Father and DaughterA lot will be happening near the red panda exhibit with a special scheduled Keeper Chats at 2:30 p.m. and unscheduled chats throughout the day. Raffle tickets can also be purchased for themed artwork, décor and other keepsakes. The raffle drawing will begin at 3 p.m. and attendance is not required, winners will be contacted. All proceeds will benefit Red Panda Network, an organization committed to the conservation of wild red pandas and their habitat through the education and empowerment of local communities in Nepal. 

Red Pandas are native to Eastern Asia, including Nepal, Myanmar, Tibet, India, Bhutan and south-central China. They are mostly solitary small carnivores whose markings mimic the reddish-brown tree trunks of their habitats. Also known as a “fire fox” or “bamboo cat”, red pandas are Endangered. The Sacramento Zoo has been an active participant in the Red Panda Species Survival Plan since 1999. In 2016 the Greater Sac Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers raised $1,300 that went directly toward conservation efforts in the wild to help in the fight to save the Endangered species from extinction.