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Help Name the Wolf’s Guenon

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We need your help naming one of the newest members of our zoo family!

Voting is now closed! Name to be announced November 1st at noon!

The nonprofit Sacramento Zoo is hosting a fundraising contest to name the Wolf’s guenon infant, born on Labor Day. Funds raised will support the nonprofit Sacramento Zoo and African primate conservation. Read the birth announcement.

$1 equals one vote for one of three gender neutral names.

Wolf's Guenon InfantUPDATE: As of October 19th, with 13 days left to vote, the name “Rori” has a huge lead in the Wolf’s guenon naming contest with 917 votes! “Billie” has 238 votes and “Rudi” follows with 91 votes.

The three names were chosen by zookeepers and correspond with the Sacramento Zoo’s Wolf’s guenon’s family tradition of names ending with the letter ‘I’ or the letters ‘ie’. Mimi, the mother, was born at the San Diego Zoo in 2007 and Eddie, the father, was born at the San Antonio Zoo in 1995. This is their third offspring. The first Zuri, was born in 2013 and Kaci was born in 2016. The entire family group can be seen in the Small Wonders of Africa exhibit at the zoo.

You can vote online or at the zoo as many times as you like, all it takes is a $1 donation per vote.
There are unlimited votes in the donate-to-vote contest. For each donation visitors can place a pom-pom in a clear tube representing their name selection at the voting station in the zoo’s plaza. If a vote is made online a pom-pom representing the online vote will be placed in the corresponding tube at the zoo.

The contest will close at 5 pm on October 31. The winning name that receives the most votes will be announced on November 1.

Join in this rare opportunity to help name an animal at the Sacramento Zoo. Stop by the zoo and read the Zoo News Blog for contest updates. Also, don’t forget to come see the adorable and charismatic monkey!

Guenon Voting Station
Wolf’s guenon name voting station