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CHP Cadet Volunteer Day at the Zoo

CHP VolunteersEarly one Saturday morning in late October a flock of California Highway Patrol (CHP) cadets swarmed the zoo. The Sacramento Zoo and William Land Park were selected as the class community involvement project for a local nonprofit.

After roll call 79 unfailingly polite and hard-working cadets spread through the zoo to complete a very large and rigorous task list. Projects included digging out drains, reorganizing rocks in the zebra exhibit, mulching areas from animal exhibit spaces to garden areas, decorating for Boo at the Zoo, completing a deep clean of the commissary where the animal diets are stored and prepared, scrubbing the veterinary hospital, and so much more.

“They were the best group to work with of any we’ve had volunteer in the park and they all seemed to have a good time,” said Katelyn Ferrie, volunteer coordinator at the Sacramento Zoo.CHP Volunteers

60 additional humble and disciplined cadets who ventured through William Land Park with the Land Park Volunteer Corps trimmed, weeded, and mulched. They even painted a small building housing pump machinery that has not been painted in more than 50 years!

“We’d love to have the CHP cadets back anytime! All of our Corps coordinators and team captains thoroughly enjoyed working with such an outstanding group of your men and women. And I’ve never had so many people address me as “Sir” in my whole life!” said Craig Powell, lead coordinator for the Land Park Volunteer Corps.

The cadets participating in the community service day spend months in rigorous training at the CHP Academy, the organization that prepares men and women to become officers in the California Highway Patrol.

We send a big thank you to the 139 cadets who spent their Saturday at the zoo and in William Land Park, making a difference for visitors and the animals who call the zoo home.

CHP Volunteers