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Naming Contest Results are in and the baby Wolf’s guenon has a name!

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Wolf's Guenon
The Wolf’s guenon infant was named Rori.
Rori Naming Contest
Anthony’s daughter Rori at the voting station.

The results of the naming contest for the Sacramento Zoo’s male Wolf’s guenon, born September 4th, are in! The name Rori took the lead early on and held a strong first place through to the end. The other two contenders were Billie and Rudi. The naming contest raised $1,383 for the nonprofit Sacramento Zoo and primate conservation in Africa.

All three names in the contest were selected by zookeepers because they correspond with the Sacramento Zoo’s Wolf’s guenon’s family tradition of names ending with the letter ‘I’ or the letters ‘ie’.

As soon as voting began the name Rori quickly jumped into the lead due to a special connection to the zoo. The zoo’s director of facilities, Anthony, has a daughter named Rori who fell ill about two years ago when Antony first began working at the zoo. Rori had to be hospitalized and then endured a long recovery. Upon hearing the news of Rori’s illness zoo staff sprang into action. Although they had just met Anthony and did not know Rori, staff generously donated their time off so that Anthony could spend time with his daughter during her hospital stay and the initial recovery.

As soon as Rori’s mom heard about the naming contest and that Rori was one of the three options she began campaigning through her social media on behalf of the name Rori. Even to this day, Rori is treated like a princess every time she visits the zoo (which is as often as she can). We are glad that the happy coincidence happened and that Rori now has a namesake at the Sacramento Zoo.

The entire Wolf’s guenon family group of five can be seen in the Small Wonders of Africa exhibit at the zoo.

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