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Sponsor Spotlight: Wells Fargo Wednesdays & School Scholarship

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Wells FargoThanks to the generosity of Wells Fargo, sponsor of Wells Fargo Wednesdays at the Sacramento Zoo and the Wells Fargo scholarship, a second-grade class from Freeman Elementary School in the Woodland Joint Unified School District was able to visit the zoo.

The class had just begun a unit on animal survival, adaptations, and habitats. Visiting the Sacramento Zoo built important background knowledge for the students and helped them connect with wildlife. Also, many of the students had never been to the zoo!

According to teacher Kelly Scheuer, “it was the first time that many of them had gone, so it was an amazing experience. Since we are a Title I school, a lot of our students aren’t able to have these types of experiences with their families. It can also be hard at a school like ours because fundraising efforts for field trips do not yield nearly as much as public schools with more wealthy populations. It was great that we were able to have this experience without it being too big of a financial burden- thanks to the Wells Fargo scholarship that helped with the cost of student entry.”

Touring the zoo on an early fall morning, the students got to see everything from the smallest of frogs to lemurs and lions. While each student had a different animal interest, many students were enamored with the giraffes. Another student has a huge interest in turtles; seeing so many turtles on the field trip made his year.

“I think it is very important for students who live in cities to be able to experience nature and get more connected with animals,” said Scheuer. “We talk about animals and learn frequently about them in 2nd grade, but it puts learning into an entirely different light when students have real experiences to draw from. I’m happy they were able to get this experience and I know they will always remember it.”

We are grateful to Wells Fargo for affording students in Title 1 schools and other districts of the Sacramento community areas the opportunity to visit the Sacramento Zoo. The scholarship application can be found on the zoo’s website.

Don’t forget to stop by the zoo on a Wells Fargo Wednesday! The first Wednesday of every month up to four children ages 2-11 receives free admission to the Sacramento Zoo with a paid adult.

Yolo County School on Wells Fargo Wednesday
Freeman Elementary School 2nd Grade Class