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What happens at the zoo in the rain?

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As an outdoor destination, it is understandable that most people plan their zoo visits in the hope of sunny weather. However, instead of staying at home when it is wet outside as if there’s nothing to do but wait on the couch for it to subside, consider the better option of visiting the Sacramento Zoo—in the rain!

Guest in the rainExperience a “Private” Zoo
Calling all brave souls who dare to venture out into the “mysterious” rainfall; your reward is a practically private zoo. There’s no need to worry about the crowds Instead, feel like a VIP indulging your inner adventurer.

Adventuring Animals
People often ask how zoo animals react to the rain. Each type of animal has its own special adaptations that help them cope with cold, wet weather—it’s what they would encounter in their native habitat. And they have their own ways of reacting to weather here at the Sacramento Zoo; sometimes it differs even among individuals of the same species. You just might catch Shani the giraffe prancing around in the rain, the lions watching the raindrops fall as they bask on the heating pads built into their structure, the red panda sleeping as though the rain does not exist, or the flamingo chicks trying to catch the raindrops.

North American River Otter
You never know what kind of photo opportunity you will stumble across on a rainy day.

Rather stay indoors? Walk through the indoor Reptile House and really observe the individuals there, it is home to unique species of various sizes, colors, and patterns. Each with an individual story to tell if you have the time to listen and watch.

Enjoy a Unique Date
Change up your routine and turn your date night into a date day! Enjoy a day at the zoo cuddled under an umbrella while watching the lemurs. Channel your inner child and take a ride on the Conservation Carousel. Reminisce fondly of family trips that first introduced you to the zoo as you observe the flock of flamingos. Grab a snack from Savannah Snacks, and head to the red rivers hog exhibit. Take some time to walk the groups and take in the vibrant plants that are in bloom.

Zoo Staff
Zoo staff will greet you with a smile, even in the rain!

Rainy Day Photos
Are you a budding photographer? Rainy day photos offer a unique perspective of the world around you. Put on your rain boots and walk the zoo looking for the bright colors and perfect raindrops brought out by wet weather. Catch a rainbow in the reflection of the lake or the water as it pearls and then drips down the back of an Orinoco goose.

So, grab an umbrella and rain boots and find your next rainy-day adventure at the Sacramento Zoo!


Snow leopard cub Coconut 

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