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Chimpanzee Trellis

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Chimpanzee Exhibit

If you’ve been to the zoo recently, you’ve probably noticed quite a lot of work happening in the chimpanzee area. Thanks to a generous donation from a family foundation established in Stockton, the Sacramento Zoo’s facilities department has been very busy!

In January, work began to replace the support posts and re-pave the area underneath the trellis along the outside of the chimpanzee exhibit. The trellis serves many roles at the exhibit: providing shade to both visitors and chimpanzees, preventing the chimpanzees from tossing presents at guests, as well as serving as a walkway for zookeepers along the top of the trellis. The walkway allows zookeepers to monitor the chimpanzees from above and safely check the integrity of the mesh that makes up the top of the exhibit.

Chimpanzee Exhibit

You may have also noticed that the fencing that surrounded the exhibit is now gone. This was an aesthetic choice made by our team to allow guests an uninterrupted view of the chimpanzees, as the exhibit glass safely protects visitors from direct contact with these strong and beautiful animals.

Another noticeable change is the rectangular indentations made in the newly stamped and stained concrete surrounding the exhibit. Similar to the walkway in front of the big cat exhibits, these spaces are made to fit brass pavers, available for you and your family to make a lasting memory at the zoo by engraving one with a special note, or perhaps memorializing a loved one who has passed. There are only a limited number of these spaces in front of the chimpanzee exhibit, so act fast while spaces are still available! Learn more about the pavers at the zoo.

As participants in the Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan®  of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the Sacramento Zoo not only provides homes for chimpanzees but also works closely with other zoos across the country in carefully managed population programs to ensure the welfare of all chimpanzees in professional care.