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Jason JacobsGreetings Zoo Friends,

I am honored to join the Sacramento community as the new Director & CEO of your zoo. I have visited over 200 zoos around the world and the Sacramento Zoo is unique for having huge community support in a charming neighborhood on a 14.7-acre campus. Although there might be many zoos that are larger than Sacramento’s, our zoo has a HUGE impact on conservation, both locally and internationally with programs dedicated to saving local wildlife such as reptiles and amphibians and global focuses for species such as red panda and snow leopard.

Zoo staff is finalizing plans to transform the zoo into a world-class institution with a major focus on guest experiences, education programs, and animal conservation. Within the next year, you will hear more about the physical changes to come, as well as new program, animals, and events. As we move forward with plans for the future, I’m interested in hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me at the zoo with your suggestions as to what you would like to see at the Sacramento Zoo.

Jason Jacobs
Sacramento Zoo Director/CEO

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Snow leopard cub Coconut 

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