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New Digs for the Ducks

Categories: Animal Ambassador

By Mike Owyang, Education Specialist

Most of us would probably enjoy a new, fully furnished place to call home. Fulvous whistling ducks Poseidon, Hermes and Athena, three of Sacramento Zoo’s animal ambassadors did just that! Recently there was an opportunity to provide them with a new, expanded enclosure as part of the zoo’s ongoing effort to provide the animals in our care with optimal housing. Their new home is not in a public viewing area, but you may be able to catch a glimpse from a distance on the Reptile House lawn near the amphitheater.

Landscaping with river rock, sand to walk on, and as fulvous whistling ducks are also known as tree ducks, logs for climbing and relaxing. The varied terrain not only provides options for the ducks but also aides in the health of their feet. Plants were also included as environmental enrichment. Their new digs also include a pool that they enjoy for swimming, diving, and bathing. As animal ambassadors, the ducks can be seen in the zoo’s wildlife stage shows and on Zoomobile outreach programs.

Learn more about these three whistling ducks by reading their profile, or come visit them at the Sacramento Zoo!