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Make a BIG Difference – Big Day of Giving

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The Sacramento Zoo is home to 559 individual animals representing 126 different species. From the tiniest poison dart frog to the 1,200-pound giraffe, every animal at the zoo receives the very best care every single day. This is true for the veterinary care of the animals, but it also means that the zookeepers who care for the individuals on a daily basis have to curate a special bond with the animals in their care.

Over the next week, leading up to the Big Day of Giving, the Sacramento Zoo is going to highlight some of the very special bonds that have developed between animals and keepers, and why those relationships are so important. It is our sincere hope that by learning about these animals, about those who care for them, and about their species in the wild, that you will see the importance of the Sacramento Zoo within the Sacramento community, as well as its role in the bigger picture, as a leading conservation organization dedicated to protecting animals in their native spaces.

We hope that by reading these stories, visiting the zoo, following us on social media, and supporting us on the Big Day of Giving, you will see just how amazing the Sacramento Zoo is, and we can do none of this important work without the support of our community, dedicated staff and tireless volunteers.

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More more information visit our Big Day of Giving webpage.

Mike & the Fulvous Whistling Ducks
Mike & the Fulvous Whistling Duck Animal Ambassadors

Snow leopard cub Coconut 

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