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Be Plastic Free in July

Categories: Conservation

Drinking FountainsThe Sacramento Zoo is constantly working to make a difference for our planet, and to protect the natural resources that we and other animals depend on for survival. To that end, Sacramento Zoo staff are joining 38 zoos in North America to pledge to commit to reducing or refusing single-use plastics during Plastic Free July!

Inspired by the Australian initiative, Plastic Free July is a fun and social way to learn about and take action against single-use plastics and the harmful effects they have on wildlife. Plastic Free July challenges individuals to make small changes that make a huge impact on the lives of animals and our oceans.

One of the biggest steps the zoo has taken recently to increase our commitment to reducing single-use plastics has been the installation of two drinking fountain/refillable water bottle stations within the zoo. Now, rather than buying a single-use water bottle at the zoo’s snack shack or Kampala Café, visitors can bring their own refillable water bottles to the zoo and fill them up at their convenience. Or, even better, purchase a reusable SacZoo water bottle at the gift store, and show your commitment to the zoo and the environment!

To learn more about Plastic Free July, and to join the zoo in committing to reduce your dependence on single-use plastics, visit

Looking for some easy ways to reduce your single-use plastic consumption? Here are just a few tips and tricks to help you today:

• Skip the plastic bag at the grocery store when selecting produce, bring a reusable bag or just place in the shopping cart
• Remember your reusable shopping bag when grocery shopping, or use a cardboard box
• Avoid buying cleaning and personal care products containing plastic microbeads
• Bring your reusable mug the next time you grab a coffee to go
• Fill your reusable water bottle at home before you leave
• Use a reusable lunch box rather than storing leftovers in bags or covering with saran wrap