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Sac Zoo lands a new parrot species

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Along with some changes to aviaries throughout the zoo, we have recently welcomed a male hawk-headed parrot to our collection.

Bert, the 20-year-old parrot from Denver’s Downtown Aquarium is quite the character. Throughout the day, guests and staff may be able to hear him vocalizing and communicating with passersby.

These brightly-colored birds are found mainly in Brazil and are named after the plumage that creates a headdress-like formation surrounding the parrot’s head when distressed or warning off a predator.

We are continuing to work with the coordinator of the hawk-headed parrot Species Survival Plan® (SSP) to acquire a mate for Bert. In the meantime, he will live individually in the lower aviaries area of the zoo, across from the giraffe habitat.

Come say hi to jovial Bert on your next visit!