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Conservation Connections: Saving Snow Leopards in the Wild

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In Mongolia’s remote Tost Mountains, a team of researchers works tirelessly to track snow leopards in the wild with GPS collars. This is the work of the Snow Leopard Trust, one of the Sacramento Zoo’s conservation partners. The Snow Leopard Trust is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect snow leopards through community-based conservation projects. The Sacramento Zoo is a proud supporter of the Snow Leopard Trust.

A record for the Snow Leopard Trust, they’ve been tracking nine wild snow leopards. Some of the snow leopards they’ve been tracking can be seen in these amazing photos captured by their remote-sensor research cameras, used to monitor the snow leopards’ travel patterns throughout the region. The endangered cats captured on camera include Anu who has successfully raised three litters of cubs, “The Dude” who is infamous for destroying research cameras and Dagina who has been monitored almost since birth!

In addition to monitoring snow leopard behavior, the Snow Leopard Trust works to end poaching and retribution killing of snow leopards, and trains rangers and wildlife enforcement to patrol and protect snow leopard habitats. Their program is so effective that no snow leopards have been killed in the last four years in areas where the Snow Leopard Trust is active.

A portion of every ticket you buy at the Sacramento Zoo goes directly to conservation projects like this. Last year, the Sacramento Zoo contributed over $150,000 to in-the-field conservation projects around the world.

For more information on the Sacramento Zoo’s conservation actions and partners, visit our Conservation page. For more information on The Snow Leopard Trust, visit their website.