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What’s New at the Sac Zoo!

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Are you looking for something fun do with the family? Kids out of school and you need some entertainment? Or do you have a date and want to mix it up?

Sacramento Zoo Train

Plan to spend a day at the Sacramento Zoo! The weather is nice, the grounds shaded, and you might spot a new baby or another new addition to the zoo! Following is a guide to maximizing your visit and making the most of your day at the zoo!

First, take a ride on the Zoo Train. Get a view of the zoo from a new perspective before you walk it and see all the new additions. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, a ride on the train is always a fun idea! If the Zoo Train doesn’t entice you, make sure and visit the Conservation Carousel or the Kilimanjaro Climb; and if you want to experience all three, buy a combo pass and maximize your zoo adventure!

Once you’ve gained a new perspective, take a tour of all of the new animals and exhibit additions.

Baby Wolf's guenon held by mom Mimi with sister Zuri
Photo Credit: Mike Owyang

First up, stop by the Wolf’s guenon exhibit where a brand-new baby has joined the family! At two weeks-old, the infant Wolf’s guenon appears strong and curious. He can even be seen adventuring away from mom now and exploring a little more on his own with big sister Zuri usually close by! Be sure to keep an eye out for the newest member of the zoo family on your next visit!

Two black crowned cranes

Sharing the exhibit with Forest the okapi, you’ll find a brand-new species – black crowned cranes! Guests can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the crane pair from the observation deck of the okapi habitat. This species, native to West and Central African wetlands and grasslands, are living amongst the okapi in their newly opened habitat. The male/female pair, fondly referred to as Kiwi and Siouxsie, were introduced to the exhibit earlier last month.

Next, make your way to the giraffe deck where, just in time for summer, an old species got a brandSpur-thighed tortoise dipping feet in small exhibit pool new pool! After a brief hiatus from their exhibit, the zoo’s three spur-thighed tortoises are back on exhibit with a new addition – a pool! This new feature is a hit among Vivian, Bubba and Penelope who love to get in the shallow water and enjoy a little soak. These three can be seen munching on lettuce or wading in their new pool under the giraffe deck!

No matter who you want to entertain, the zoo is a great place to spend your day! See if you can find and do everything on this summer checklist at the Sacramento Zoo. See you soon at the zoo!