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Sacramento Zoo Partners with a Local Title One School to Get Hands-on with Science!

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Today’s teachers are working hard to ensure our students are meeting standards in language and math, but that inevitably means that science has to take a backseat. The education department at the Sacramento Zoo has developed a new multi-visit classroom program, Wild About Science, to help fill those gaps!

“We have been looking into ways to provide more science-based education into classrooms, and now with the new standardized California Science Test (CAST) in 5th and 8th grade, it’s the perfect time to help teachers fill those curriculum gaps and prepare their students for this assessment. It will also help inspire a love for science and discovery, and we certainly love that benefit as well! ” says Brooke Coe, Education Specialist.

Oak Ridge Elementary School in the Oak Park region of Sacramento graciously opened its doors to help test out this new program, providing feedback and guidance on how to best serve the classroom and its students. Mrs. Katie Sloat’s 5th-grade class was visited by the zoo’s education staff on two separate occasions, where the zoo staff helped facilitate a plant growth experiment, taught the scientific method, and introduced them to animal ambassadors from the zoo! The overall program focused on water quality and conservation while following the Next Generation Science Standards for that age group. The program also included a live video chat from the zoo right into the classroom! This allowed the students to see animals from the zoo and learn about how they can affect positive change for the future.

Education staff get hands-on with a science experiment in the classroom
Students touch ball python during ZooMobile program
Students discuss how our decisions may affect the animals within the ecosystem
Students get a live view of the zoo and its animal residents








The Wild About Science program engages students in open discussion about conservation, pollution, and water quality, and how our choices may impact all living things around us. It introduces students to the scientific method, showing them that anyone can be a scientist! It facilitates exploration and discovery, and it provides a much-needed science curriculum in the classroom.

Thanks to the testing at Oak Ridge Elementary, the Wild About Science program is now available for booking for grades 3 through 12! For more information, visit the Wild About Science page.