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Chigüiro the Capybara

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Chiguiro the capybara sits next to her food dish

We are thrilled to formally introduce Chigüiro (chē-gwē-[r]o) the capybara!

Capybaras are the largest rodent in the world, found in several countries within Central and South America. Capybaras are semi-aquatic so they feel most at home near bodies of water. They even have a cool adaptation of webbed toes that allow them successfully navigate through the water.

According to her keeper team, Chigüiro is very curious! It isn’t unusual to find her observing visitors at the glass, wading in her pool or munching on her favorite snacks. Some new foods she is enjoying include corn on the cob and bell pepper. She also loves bamboo – something that helps her teeth stay healthy since they do not stop growing!

Currently, Chigüiro and our anteater, Beata, take turns spending time in the habitat. Since Beata enjoys sleeping in until the afternoon, Chigüiro can often be found on habitat in the morning and early afternoon, pending Beata’s sleep schedule.

Come out to the zoo to give a warm welcome to Chigüiro!

A huge thank you to two amazing donors:
Capybara transportation generously provided through a donation by: Bob Boughton and Dorothy Rice
Capybara naming generously provided through a donation by: Brian “Chiwito” McDonald

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