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Rainy Day Zoo Adventures

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After a very dry year and a summer full of fires and smoke, rain is celebrated in California. It eases wildfire risk, greens up the hills, and cleans the air. While rain is highly anticipated, when it arrives, people are hesitant to leave their homes. But with the right gear and a little planning, a rainy day at the zoo can turn into the best day EVER!

Enjoy a Private Zoo

It’s amazing how even a little rain can clear the zoo. But with those armed with a raincoat and umbrella, there are many rewards to be found and there’s no need to worry about the crowds. Instead, feel like a VIP indulging your inner adventurer.

Rain-Proof Dinosaurs

Let’s set the scene.

a wet kosmoceratops You just scanned your ticket and step into the wet, empty plaza. You pull your hood more snugly over your head to protect you from the rain. This particular morning, you step on the pathway between the American alligators and Caribbean flamingos. The brightly colored birds stretch their wings as they wade through their lake.

You hear it before you see it: a low-pitched animal sound echoes across the lake. You pause, trying to place the noise. It isn’t like any jaguar or lion you’ve heard before. As you continue down the path, a shape emerges from the mist of the rain. An animal that has not walked the face of the earth in 65 million years.

You come face-to-face with a Kosmoceratops.

When filming Jurassic Park, the Tyrannosaurus rex, the star of the show, kept breaking down due to the rain. Fortunately, the more than 20 dinosaurs in our Dinosaur Safari exhibit have evolved since then. The dinosaurs look spectacular in the rain. Their smooth movements bring life to the long-gone animals, regardless of the weather. Encountering the dinosaurs in the misty rain is like stepping into the blockbuster dinosaur movie. As water drips off claws, snouts, and teeth like steak knives… it makes for a day to remember!

Adventuring Animals

People often ask how zoo animals react to the rain. Each species has its own special adaptations that help them cope with cold, wet weather. And they have their own ways of reacting to weather here at the Sacramento Zoo; sometimes it differs even among individuals of the same species. You just might catch Chifu the giraffe prancing around in the rain, the lions watching the raindrops fall as they bask on the heating pads built into their structure, the red panda sleeping as though the rain does not exist or you might even hear the cheetah brothers chirping to one another through the rain.

jumping in rain puddles
Don’t forget to add jumping in rain puddles to your rainy day plans.

Want to stay dry? Walk through the indoor Reptile House and really observe the individuals there. It is home to unique species of various sizes, colors, and patterns. Or you could take advantage of the covered okapi and giraffe decks. Swing by Kampala Café for a hot cup of coffee and spend the day sipping your cup of joe while watching the animals as the rain pitter-patters on the roof above.

Enjoy a Unique Date

Change up your routine and turn your date night into a date day! Enjoy a day at the zoo cuddled under an umbrella while watching the lemurs. Channel your inner child and take a ride on the Conservation Carousel. Reminisce fondly of family trips that first introduced you to the zoo as you observe the flock of flamingos. Grab a snack from Kampala Café, and head to the red river hog exhibit. Take some time to walk the grounds and take in the vibrant greenery.

Rainy Day Photos

Are you a budding photographer? Rainy day photos offer a unique perspective of the world around you. Put on your rain boots and walk the zoo looking for the bright colors and perfect raindrops brought out by wet weather. Catch a rainbow in the reflection of the lake or the water as it pearls and then drips down the back of a whistling duck.

So, embrace the rainy day, grab your umbrella and rainboots, and channel your inner explorer for your next grand adventure at the Sacramento Zoo!

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