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Conservation is a TEAM Effort at the Sac Zoo!

Conservation is a vital part of the Sacramento Zoo’s mission. Over the past decade, the Sac Zoo has donated more than $1 million to critical conservation efforts around the globe. These efforts become more important to the survival of wildlife and wild places with each passing day.

In its simplest sense, wildlife conservation is the protection and preservation of animals, plants, and their environments. Wildlife helps maintain balance and stability in the natural world. Ecosystems affect all life on earth. They provide food, clean air, and water. Eco-tourism, fisheries, and food production foster healthy economies, and broad biodiversity even impacts the medical industry with more than one-third of modern medicines being derived from natural sources.

Growing human populations threaten healthy ecosystems. The billions of people on the planet are consuming natural resources faster than ever. Land development displaces plants and animals. Introduced invasive species outcompete the established populations of native species. Pollution poisons the environment. The list goes on and on.

In December 2021, the Sacramento Zoo debuted an Employee Conservation Contribution Program. The program supports 16 distinct conservation projects, each representing a species found here at the Sac Zoo. In the employee program’s first year, the zoo donated approximately $78,000 across the 16 programs.

sasha the leopard

# Conservation Project
1 Anteaters & Highway Project
2 Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) – Orangutan SAFE
3 Mabula Ground Hornbill Project
4 Red Panda Network
5 Okapi Conservation Project (OCP)
6 Bushy Lake Restoration Project- Western Pond Turtle
7 Call to Action – Jaguar SAFE
8 Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB)
9 Snow Leopard Conservancy
10 Wild Nature Institute (WNI)- Giraffe
11 Goulougo Triangle Ape Project – Chimp SAFE
12 Conservancy-Communities Living Among Wildlife Sustainability (CLAWS)- Lion
13 University of Florida, Rafael Crespo Cons Fund- American Alligator
14 Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group (MFG)-Lemurs
15 Grevy’s Zebra Trust
16 San Diego Zoo Field & Research Projects- Thick-billed Parrots


For more information about each conservation project, visit our Employee Conservation Contribution webpage.

The Sac Zoo strives to be a positive change in the world with all that we do. Our ongoing conservation support is helping organizations operating in the field to have an impact around the globe, from Asia and Africa to across the Americas. We are so proud to partner with our dedicated staff to help the animals they care so much about.

Do you want to support wildlife conservation? Consider making a donation to our conservation fund. Or simply visit the Sac Zoo! Each time you visit or purchase a Zoo membership, you are supporting wildlife conservation around the globe.

You can also visit our Take Action page to learn how to adopt a conservation lifestyle!