Big Day of Giving, May 6th

BIG Day of Giving
May 3rd to May 4th at 3 pm
Give Where Your Heart Is

May 4th, 3:30 pm
THANK YOU to everyone who supported the Zoo on May 3rd and 4th by donating, sharing, liking and posting!

More than $40,000 was donated to the Sacramento Zoo and the region as a whole donated $7.1 million!

Despite technical issues on May 3rd, the Sacramento Zoo made the best of the Big Day of Giving thanks to patient and perseverant donors! The silver lining was speaking with so many donors throughout the day that wouldn’t let the difficulties stop them from supporting the Zoo!

Regardless of the techincal hiccups, millions were raised for 570 local nonprofits and we’re proud to be part of this day in philanthropy. From our spokesbird Charlie and the rest of the #SacZoo team, we extend a heartfelt THANK YOU!


May 3rd, 3:30 pm
NOTICE: The Big Day of Giving has been extended!
Due to technical difficulties on the Big Day of Giving donation portal, the Sacramento Zoo is now taking donations here and the Big Day of Giving has been extended to May 4th at 3 pm. The Sacramento Regional Community Foundation are working on plans to address the prizes and matching gifts. Your donation will count toward the Big Day of Giving totals!

The Sacramento Zoo will join over 500 other local nonprofits on the BIG Day of Giving to raise a goal of $6 million and make the Sacramento region #1 and the most generous community in the country.  Beginning at midnight on May 3rd, donations of $25 or more will be accepted with a goal to inspire and unite our community in supporting hundreds of local nonprofits.

Donate here on until May 4th at 3 pm.

Charlie the Great Horned OwlYour gift to the Sacramento Zoological Society helps the Zoo to continue in its mission to inspire appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, conservation and recreation. Every dollar you donate will help the Zoo to receive a boost from a pool of incentive funds provided by local partners. The more contributions to the Zoo, the more incentive dollars we will receive. This is a great opportunity to make your dollar stretch!

Meet our 2016 BIG Day of Giving Spokesbird, Charlie!
Meet Charlie, the Sacramento Zoo’s newest Animal Ambassador! Charlie is a Great Horned Owl who, after receiving a clean bill of health at a rehabilitation program, was set to be released and decided he preferred to remain in the company of humans. He moved to the Sacramento Zoo in 2015 and has been living in the Interpretive Center since April 2015.

As part of the Animal Ambassador program at the Sacramento Zoo, Charlie participates in Wildlife Stage Shows, Overnight Safaris and visits schools with the ZooMobile to educate children about the importance of wildlife and the natural world. The Zoo’s Outreach programs reach over 10,000 children and adults each year.

Don’t forget to donate to the Sacramento Zoo until May 4th at 3 pm to help Charlie spread the word about the Zoo and it mission to inspire appreciation, respect and a connection with wildlife and nature through education, recreation and conservation.

Want to help right now?

Big Day of Giving Blog - posted April 8, 2016


Big Day of Giving Spokesbird, Charlie the Great Horned Owl

A trip to the Zoo is something many of us take for granted. We are fortunate enough to have seen the striking features of a giraffe, the twisting tongue of an anteater or the big, sharp teeth of a lion. But did you know the Zoo also participates in a variety of on- and off-site programming aimed at bringing the Zoo and its animals closer to the hearts of those who visit? Part of the Sacramento Zoological Society’s mission is to inspire a connection with wildlife through educational programming and last year with the help of staff, docents and volunteers, the Zoo’s programs were able to connect with over 170,000 individuals.

Charlie, the Big Day of Giving spokesbird joins the ZooMobile on visits to local schools in the region and also participates in on-site Wildlife Stage Shows. Charlie’s visits help the Zoo teach children and adults about his fascinating adaptations that allow owls to survive in the wild. Last year, the Sacramento Zoo hosted over 53,000 schoolchildren from a 24-county region on organized field trips. Over 100,000 guests were able to learn about animals during a Stage Show or Keeper Chat and over 10,000 people were visited by Charlie or one of his Animal Ambassador friends. These programs and more are only possible with the generosity and support of our loyal donors. Every dollar you give will help the Sacramento Zoo continue to educate and inspire young minds across the region.

Keep an eye out for Charlie in the coming weeks on the Zoo’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as he helps spread the word about the Zoo’s outreach in the greater Sacramento region. And be sure to donate to the Sacramento Zoo so you can help Charlie continue the Zoo’s work of educating our future generations.


Big Day of Giving Blog - posted April 25, 2016


Charlie, the Great-horned Owl, is one of many Animal Ambassadors at the Sacramento Zoo and the official spokesbird for the Big Day of Giving. Along with a group of talented Interpretive Center staff, Charlie and his friends help educate the public about animal adaptations, conservation and the importance of caring for our planet.

Abby the Six-banded ArmadilloTogether, last year the Animal Ambassadors engaged 49,333 visitors at Wildlife Stage Shows and visited over 10,000 children and adults off-site at ZooMobile Programs.

Meet Charlie’s Friends!

Abby and Ringo the Six-banded Armadillos are very energetic. Unlike other armadillos, Six-banded Armadillos are active during the day. During summer camp, the armadillos can be found on the lawn with groups of camp children running behind them, or in the Stage Shows showing their unique adaptations.
Herkimer the Desert Tortoise

Herkimer, the Desert Tortoise, is one of the Zoo’s oldest residents. The Desert Tortoise is the California State Reptile and can live to be 100 years old. Herkimer serves as an ambassador for his species and can be found out on Zoomobile trips, at the Stage Shows, or on the lawn searching for his favorite food – Dandelions!

Julia the Thick-billed ParrotJulia, the Thick-billed Parrot is one of the endangered species at the Zoo. Thick-billed parrots are the last living native parrot in North America, but their habitat is declining and the populations are threatened with extinction. Julia acts as an ambassador to bring awareness to the plight of her fellow Thick-billed Parrots and to educate visitors and school children at the stage shows, ZooMobile programs and other educational programs.

Help Charlie and the other Animal Ambassadors continue the Zoo’s work of educating our future generations by donating to the Sacramento Zoo on the Big Day of Giving.





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