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The reasons why people choose to serve on a nonprofit board of trustees are as diverse as the people on the board. Some of the reasons people may choose to serve include civic duty, charitable service, or personal interest in the organization’s cause.

Once an individual accepts a position on a board, they have inherently accepted certain fundamental responsibilities, in addition to a commitment of time and accountability to the organization. The key responsibility of the board is to monitor the organization on behalf of the members of the public that it serves; the board possesses ultimate legal responsibility for the organization.

The Sacramento Zoological Society (SZS) currently has 18 trustees on the board, including the zoo’s director. Members may serve up to three three-year terms. The purpose of the Board of Trustees of the SZS is to set policy, govern and raise funds for the Sacramento Zoo in support of the zoo’s mission.


Boards are charged with the governance of the nonprofit organization, making sure that it abides by ethical and legal standards in making its vision a reality.

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