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Kenyan Sand Boa

Kenyan Sand Boa
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Maasai and mara, kenyan sand boas

The Kenyan sand boa species originate from the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya, which is how Maasai and Mara, our two famous Kenyan sand and boas, got their names. Maasai and Mara were both born on July 20, 2005 at Mesker Park Zoo and then moved to the Sacramento Zoo. The sisters are excellent animal ambassadors for the Interpreter Center due to their comfort around people and docile personalities. Since Kenyan sand boas are smaller snakes, they feed off smaller prey, and Maasai and Mara are no exception to that since diet consists of eating small mice.

Maasai and Mara are not tree-dwelling snakes and won’t be found wrapping around branches. Instead they prefer to burrow under warm sand. They participate in animal encounters and ZooMobile programs and are the perfect ‘introductory’ reptile for those still learning to appreciate snakes.


Population Status

  • C Critically Endangered
  • E Endangered
  • V Vulnerable to Endangerment
  • N Not Threatened

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