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April the Kinkajou

Birth Date: April 1, 1996

Born on April Fool Day, you can guess how April got her name.  April is a kinkajou, also known as a honey bear. This rainforest mammal is related to a raccoon and is native to Central and South America.

In the wild Kinkajous use their narrow nose to sniff out honey and nectar. April likes to sniff in people ears, never finding any honey or nectar though. She does get honey sticks as a reward or treat.  Kinkajous have a prehensile tail and April uses hers for balance and often wraps it around her keepers neck or arm for security.

As a nocturnal animal, she enjoys warm and dark places, like her ferret sleep sack during the day. You will see her during an Overnight Safari and sometimes she enjoys climbing in the orange tree late in the afternoon.



Population Status

  • C Critically Endangered
  • E Endangered
  • V Vulnerable to Endangerment
  • N Not Threatened

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