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Conservation is integral to the Sacramento Zoo mission.

Many of the species we care for are facing enormous challenges across the globe. The zoo’s dedicated staff was recently given a unique opportunity to make a difference outside of their daily work at the zoo.

The Sac Zoo focused its 2021 conservation efforts on 16 conservation programs supporting species represented here at the Zoo.

Together with zoo staff, and with the help of donors, members, and zoo visitors, the Sacramento Zoo has a global impact on wildlife conservation.

The Sacramento Zoo has a global impact on animal conservation.

The Sacramento Zoo has donated more than $1 million to global wildlife conservation efforts over the last decade.

Read on to learn more about each of the Sac Zoo’s 2021 conservation projects. Stay tuned on our blog and social media pages for the latest reports from the field.

a map listing the locations of Sacramento Zoo's conservation programs

North/Central America

north american map


South America

south american map

Explore South America

African and Madagascar

african map

Explore Africa and Madagascar